Austin Atkinson

Austin Atkinson

Wellsville, Utah



Being raised in Phoenix, Arizona traveling with a loaded backpack became a big part of my hunting career early on. In 2008 I began guiding in Alaska for Brown Bear and Dall Sheep to be a part of the last frontier. I enjoy spending over 150 nights in the field each year guiding clients, hunting with my friends, and the occasional solo hunts. From Sheep in Alaska to Elk in Arizona, my experiences are what defines me, and quality gear is the key to my experience.

The most rewarding part of the hunt to me is seeing other’s dreams fulfilled in the field. Watching my clients or friends experiencing success in the outdoors reminds me why I love hunting.  I reside currently in northern Utah where I manage my guiding operations and a hunting ranch. My wife, Chelsie, loves enjoying nature with me and accompanying me on as many trips as possible, along with our new daughter, Kaylee. Without the support of my loving wife, I could not achieve my hunting and life goals, and  I am grateful to her each day.

Between winter birds, spring bears, summer scouting, early archery, and late season hunts; the season never ends with me! Go hunting with your family.

Austin Atkinson
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