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Dusty’s take on the Solution

Wow!  What an awesome year of Archery hunting for this Oregon boy.  I have been truly blessed having the opportunity to harvest a great mule deer buck with my kids by my side, an Antelope that grossed B&C and two nice bull elk. When we all prepare for our hunting...
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Light Weight Backpack – The R7 “Antidote” by Blacks Creek

As the first day of fall rapidly approaches, our efforts to complete our new USA made pack line is still in full swing. Pro-Staffer Tyler Crockett recently had a chance to take the latest Prototype pack out for a four day spin on the mountain. We will leave the details...
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Solution Backpack Detail by Marcus Flesher

I’m a critic of several things and packs are on the top of that list. I’ve hunted the west my entire life and have never been perfectly satisfied with just one design. I think it’s the old issue of wanting my cake and eating it too that ruins it for...
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