Jarrod Power

Jarrod R. Power

Rye, Co.


Jarrod Power grew up in central Oregon where he got his first taste of hunting. From then on he’s been hooked. Now a resident of Colorado, living on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, he has ample hunting opportunities.  His obsession with hunting combined with his determination has taken him to places most will never see.  Archery in the back country is his true passion; however he does hunt with a rifle and traps small game. He has traveled to multiple states to pursue different species. Elk, mule deer, white tail, mountain lion, bear, coyotes, antelope, wild hogs and whatever else may be in season keeps him in shape.

During the past few years he has had the opportunity to share his love for hunting with others as he guides elk and mule deer hunters. He enjoys being able to take people into new territory and assist them in achieving their hunting goals.  As a self employed entrepreneur Jarrod can free up his schedule for several months in the fall to accommodate his hunting and outdoor adventures. Jarrod and his wife, DeAnna, have a fencing company that keeps them busy year-round.

Fortunately their business venture allows them the opportunity to live a lifestyle they love and provides them with the flexibility to enjoy God’s creations. Jarrod and DeAnna look forward to raising their son, Corbin (born in 2012), with a passion for the outdoors. They have already started taking him shed hunting, 4-wheeling and can’t wait for him to be old enough for backpacking trips.

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