• Bow / gun boot


The Antidote is the pack I grab for those run and gun hunts.  This pack is amazing in its capability to compress down for a run up the mountain day hunt to a five day back country hunt.  With 3000 cubic inches and a weight of just over 4 lbs empty, this pack is the epitome of being able to keep light with the intent on leaving the mountain heavy.  The Antidote suspension is sturdy enough that it can handle an entire boned out deer or an equal weight of elk very comfortably. The Antidote is a great addition to my arsenal and will most likely be my go to pack for years to come.

Antidote Pack



It seems that each year western big game hunters like ourselves ask for lighter and more durable gear. The mountain never seems to let up and it sure doesn’t get any easier to climb each season. The Antidote is perfect for the steep mountain poison that ails you. Its light weight yet durable design screams, “take me into the back country where I belong”.  With 3,000 cubic inches of space, any half way organized high country hunter can fit several days of gear in it.
Its sleek yet durable design is comfortable to wear and guarantees you’ll be using it for many years to come.


  • 3,000 Cubic Inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • 1000D Cordura and/or 3 layer Tricot fabric construction
  • Military grade hardware
  • YKK zippers
  • Adjustable butterfly harness
  • Internal frame
  • 9 organizational pockets
  • External optics pocket
  • Detachable lid
  • Access main compartment on top & both sides
  • 6 compression straps
  • Draw string weather collar top


Getting a proper fit is crucial when looking for comfort in a pack. The adjustable butterfly harness is simple to adjust by sliding the velcro tabs through the desired horizontal webbing rungs and then fastening the velcro back to itself.

Any technical hunting pack should have a harness that will adjust to fit your torso length. The butterfly harness is designed to adjust up and down to fit you perfectly for maximum comfort.

Reposition the harness downward as your load gets heavier. This will lift the pack higher on your back to prevent hip fatigue and shoulder strain. It also puts the load lifting straps in the proper position so they can work more efficiently.

The butterfly portion of the harness is designed to spread the weight across your scapulas evenly. This prevents the pack from teetering from side to side giving you better balance and posture.

There are three ways to gain access to the main compartment of the Antidote.
The traditional way is through the weather guard collar located on the top of the pack. The second and third are located on each side. The vertical zipper opens the side of the pack from top to bottom giving you a large enough opening to gain access to your gear easily. We designed these side access points for simple reasons that mean a lot when you’re in the field. The vertical zippers are straight. Straight zippers function better than zippers that have angles or arches.
These angles and arches are a large factor in zipper failures in the field.
With the straight zipper design, the slider can glide open and closed with ease. With two access points on either side of the pack you can gain entry to the main compartment while carrying your weapon on the pack without taking it off.
Because the zipper travels from top to bottom your gear on the bottom is never hard to reach.

In the world of pack design it’s essential that we give our customers enough organizational pockets and compartments without adding to much weight. We feel that the Antidote has an ample amount of storage for considering its weight and overall job title. With ten overall compartments and pockets, any high country hunter should have enough options to keep their gear organized. The Antidote has one large main compartment with an optics pocket located on the exterior of the face. This optics pocket is large enough to accommodate most spotting scopes on the market today. Inside the optics pocket, there are two flat zipper pockets for smaller items like scents and knives. The lid of the Antidote is detachable and can expand upward to allow the top of the pack to gain more storage space. Its main use is for storage and compressing the load vertically. The lid has two pockets, one large pocket located on top and one flat pocket located underneath.

The Antidote pack includes the gun/bow boot feature. It quickly attaches to the outside of the pack using two 3/4” buckles. It features another 3/4” strap and buckle to secure the limb of your bow in place. This strap can also be threaded between your gun stock and sling for added security. When not in use the boot can be detached and stored away inside one of the many pockets on the pack.

The Antidote is equipped with an internal hydration pocket capable of excepting a 3 ltr bladder. The top of the pocket includes a webbing loop for tying your bladder off to keep it from sagging. Once the bladder is in place the hose can be threaded out of the main compartment and over either shoulder strap. Each shoulder strap includes a sleeve designed to except the hose of the system and keep it tucked out of the way.

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