Jimmy "Jimbo" Gonzales

Hometown: Los Lunas, New Mexico


My hunting career started at a very young age I was very fortunate to have an Outdoors rounded family. Together enjoying hunting, camping, fishing and just about everything the outdoors could possibly offer. I owe it to them for helping me start a dream and lifestyle that will continue for a lifetime! I grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains and deserts of New Mexico. With New Mexico seasons being almost year round I have also managed to squeeze in Colorado Mule Deer & Elk, Nebraska Whitetail & Turkey, and also Texas Mule deer, Whitetail and Turkey!

My all time favorite hunting trip would have to be my 2015 Gemsbok hunt in New Mexico. I had been putting in for the hunt for years before I pulled a tag! This was my favorite hunt not only because I harvested one of my dream animals but I got to share my experience with my entire family. My mom and Brother were behind the camera while my dad and I were on the stalk! We managed to get the entire experience on film. This adventure is one I will cherish forever.

The last few years have brought me many different business and hunting opportunities. After gaining my Bachelors Degree in Wildlife Biology from West Texas A&M. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to live & hunt in many different states from New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado and Texas! With family not being able to share all of my hunts in person I started a Small business named “Gonzo Outdoors Taxidermy & Films” I began Filming and Taxidermy a little over 4 years ago. Not only to get my hunts on film but mostly to share with my family and friends. Hopefully this can continue and I will have many more opportunities to share my experiences around the US and possibly other places around the world very soon!

Do Your Best & Make It Happen,

Jimbo Gonzales “GonZo OutDoorS”

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