John Arman

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota


John Arman was born and raised in North Dakota and has spent his entire life living in the Bismarck area. As a teacher for the Bismarck Public School District John has the opportunity to share his enthusiasm of the outdoors with many young people and to teach them the importance of conservation and game management. Teaching has also allowed him to construct after school programs centered on the fundamentals of archery; therefore, introducing the sport of shooting and bowhunting to many of our future outdoorsmen/women.

In the summer, John enjoys spending time with his wife Teri and his two children, Colton and Shelby. John and his family also attend roping events, enjoy trail riding and relaxing at their ranch cabin where they like to cast a fishing line into their favorite fishing hole. Throughout his career he has established a reputation for being a well rounded outdoorsmen and a promoter of the hunting industry. His passion for Bowhunting is represented by his desire to share with others his outdoor knowledge. John is also thankful for having the opportunity and the privilege of harvesting various animals in numerous states and Canada.

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