Ryan Smith

Hometown: Fairfield, Idaho


Hey guys my name is Ryan Smith I reside in Fairfield, ID with my beautiful wife Shina and two daughters Emerie and Kimber. Living close to the mountains is important to us as most of our hobbies and passions take place in the mountains. I grew up in the Boise area and moved closer to the mountains as soon as i could at 19 years old and haven’t looked back. Hunting and fishing has always been a part of what my whole family does, i started hunting with my dad as soon as i could half way keep up. Now I look forward to instilling the love of the outdoors to my daughters.

I picked up the love of Archery at around 15 years old and have been shooting and hunting with a bow ever since. Outdoors archery 3D shoots have become one of our favorite past times in the summer time to keep in shape and get ready for fall. Every year we hit the elk woods in September hoping to lure a herd bull into shooting range or take a cow for the freezer. Chasing rutting bucks in November when i get the chance as well. Rifle hunting is a big part of how i still hunt including predator, varmints, and big game as well. In October some of my favorite memories were made hunting mule deer with my family and friends.

~ Founder of Team Top Pin

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