Shelby Arman

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota


Shelby Arman – Living in North Dakota has provided Shelby the opportunity to grow up within a state where the traditions of hunting/fishing are passed down from generation to generation and continues to be a large part of North Dakota’s heritage. Tagging along with the guys from Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV – a North Dakota based outdoor television show in its 15th season – as they traveled to various hunting/filming destinations since the age of 12, she was immediately drawn to the sport of archery and taught the important roles of an outdoor enthusiast. Now at the age of 18, Shelby’s hunting adventures are captured through the lens of a video camera - with her dad by her side - and shared via Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV on various stations throughout ND, SD, MN and Wisconsin.

Shelby’s dad (John Arman) is credited for giving her the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and placing a bow in her hand at a very young age which has grown into a passion for hunting big game animals. Throughout the year you will find Shelby toting her Hoyt bow pursuing spring black bears in the quietness of the Canadian bush, stealthily navigating the shallow backwaters of the Missouri River bow-fishing beneath a moonlit sky, out-waiting a prairie pronghorn amongst the endless fields of sagebrush in Wyoming and hunting giant whitetails on the family ranch in SW North She will graduate from Bismarck High School in May of 2016 where she has academically remained towards the top of her graduating class, and earned the reputation of being a leader while competing in volleyball at the varsity level. Her successful high school volleyball career has been rewarded with a scholarship to Bismarck State College where she will continue to value and instill the importance of respect and leadership while being a role model for young girls growing up in a state where hunting/fishing continues to be a family tradition.

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