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Stuck N The Rut is owner Travis’ dream come true. He always desired to have a business dedicated to his passions; hunting, adventure, and family. Together with his family and friends, he eagerly accepts any challenge the wilderness has to offer.

The SNTR Team spends their time away from work in the pursuit of big game animals, specializing in archery and long range. We are proud to share with you videos of our hunts in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Alaska, and beyond!. Our Team thrives on DIY hunting and rugged adventure.


Age: 27
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: Idaho, Montana, Alaska
Occupation: General Contractor, Owner of SNTR
Years Hunting: 15
Favorite Animals: Elk

travis-schneiderTravis, owner of Stuck N the Rut was born and raised in an extremely adventurous family, the oldest of 4 siblings, he hunts along side his family eagerly accepting all challenges the wilderness has to offer. At age 7 he tagged alongside his dad, bugling bull Elk with his vocals. By the time he was 13, he killed his first 6-point bull Elk in the mountains by himself. Even at a young age, Travis never waited for others to help him get the job done. Since then hunting has been his number one passion, and he has successfully tagged a 6-point bull Elk every year. Travis thrives on challenging the human body, topping and exploring rugged mountains where few people have traveled. Because he is so busy, most his scouting is done during season with a bow or rifle in hand. In his opinion the most rewarding are those that require deep thought and work, such as hunting a new mountain range for the first time or a drop off hunt in Alaska. Travis is committed to doing whatever it takes to be successful in the field and at work. He works hard for 9 months building homes and running 2 businesses, and hunts even harder for the rest of the year. In 2010, Travis started videoing their hunts with his family and friends. Since then, SNTR has produced over 70 DIY hunts on video and is proud to say their videos are as real as they get. He feels extremely fortunate and blessed to own a business dedicated to sharing his families passion. Travis is thankful for all the support from his wife, family and fans.

Age: 24
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Occupation: Construction
Years Hunting: 12
Favorite Animals: Elk

tom-schneiderGrowing up in a family that's outdoor minded, I enjoyed all activities that were a part of the outdoors. It all started with fishing. My dad used to take us out every weekend fishing. I enjoyed every minute of it. I also had a strong interest in learning about animals. I remember in grade school that most of the teachers thought that it was strange that I preferred reading non fiction books about animals than reading fiction books.

Another strange hobby that I picked up as a child was trapping skunks. All these things led up to what I've become. Before I was the age to take hunter safety when I was around age 11, my dad took my brother and I calling elk. It was so heart pounding seeing bull elk running in to my dad's calls. When I got my hunter safety certificate, I started hunting white tail deer at age twelve. I did well on hunting whitetails, but I really wanted an elk. I got my first bull at age 13, 5x6. My brothers and I become so dedicated to hunting, we didn't do high school sports because of our passion. Hunting is now been a bigger part of my life than ever before.

Hunting is such an adventure, and that's why I love it so much. What allows me to be successful hunting is: 1) I'm very patient 2) I'm always willing to change my hunting tactics 3) I make hunting my top priority 4) even though I love hunting elk, I love to try hunting new species every year 5) I put my body through unbelievable wear and tear.

Tom lives in Rexburg, Idaho currently with his wife Jacqueline.

Age: 28
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting
Location: North Idaho
Occupation: Nurse Years
Hunting: 2 Favorite Animals: Elk

casie-schneiderCasie is the wife of Travis, creator of Stuck N the Rut. Born and raised in Bonners Ferry to a farming/logging family her dream was to be blessed enough to reside, work, and play in her hometown. She loves the mountains in North Idaho, and takes any opportunity to get out in them with her Husband and his family.

Besides working as a Nurse, her passion is accompanying and supporting Travis and his family on their hunting adventures. She enjoys being "camp cook", "mule wrangler", "huckleberry picker", and many other things on their adventures, and loves to be the hunter too! Most recently, Travis and Casie welcomed a healthy baby boy to the SNTR team! Atigun Allen Schneider was born 12/19/14.

The last few years have been packed with travel, rugged and intense hunting experiences, and life changing moments, and she is looking forward to a lifetime of many more with the Schneider family.

Age: 19
Location: Bonners Ferry and Moscow, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: Idaho
Occupation: Construction, Full time college Student
Years Hunting: 7 Favorite Animals: Elk

trevor-schneiderTrevor Schneider was the last to enter the Schneider family 19 years ago. Like the rest, he grew up exploring the outdoors with his family by shooting guns, horn hunting, hiking mountain tops and participating in local archery shoots. Before he reached Idaho's legal hunting age, he tagged along with his brothers in the backcountry to help pack out their trophies and learn from their successes and failures and look forward to the future. Once he turned the early age of 12, he killed his first 5x6 elk in Idaho with a rifle. From then on, he was hooked! After two years of hunting, his passion for archery skyrocketed when he harvested his first archery bull elk, another 5x6. Trevor thrives on the thrill that close big game animal hunting offers, preferring to hunt elk with his Bowtech Destroyer. Trevor has since harvested an elk each consecutive year until now.

In 2011, his hard work paid off with a Montana mule deer as well as an Idaho mule deer in 2012. Then, the excitement of hunting took a turn for the better when his oldest brother Travis got a long-range rifle to experiment with the accuracy and excitement of long range hunting. Fortunately, Trevor was the first one of the brothers to be successful with a long range gun. At age 15, he killed a 140+ class whitetail at 1,008 yards and got it on video, a feat thought impossible! He became fascinated with long range shooting. Through Trevor's successes and failures, he can proudly say he has kept up with his brothers through the years and looks forward to the adventures ahead.

Trevor works hard to play hard and settles for nothing less. In the spring the Schneider family participates in multiple 3-D archery shoot competitions to prepare for the coming fall archery season. During the fall Trevor pursues elk, deer, caribou, and moose in Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. As winter arrives and transitions to spring, it is back to wolf hunting, bear stalking and coyote management. It is fit to say that hunting is literally Trevor's obsession as he follows in his brothers' footsteps. When not in College or hunting Trevor hits the mountains on his snowmobile, and has achieved his Private Pilot's license so he can explore the skies with the rest of the family and live life to its maximum extent!

Age: 21
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: ALASKA
Occupation: Northern Air, air traffic control
Years Hunting: 8
Favorite Animals: Elk, Wolves

tana-grendaThe only girl in the Schneider clan, Tana was raised in the mountains and hunted with her brothers from a young age. She is an avid outdoors woman and loves adventuring around Alaska. She has a degree in Air Traffic Control, a pilot's license, and a float plane rating, which she received at Lake Hood in Anchorage, the largest seaplane base in the world. She recently moved back to her hometown of Bonners Ferry, Idaho and works full time at the Boundary County Airport, where she first learned to fly. She is actively pursuing her goals in and out of the mountains. Tana prefers archery hunting over rifle any day. When she gets the chance, she loves nothing more exploring the backcountry and pursuing big game, surrounded by serene wilderness with her family and husband, Adam Grenda.

Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: Idaho, with their kids
Occupation: SNTR Mom and Dad
Favorite Animals: Elk, whitetail, mule deer

phil-darlene-schneiderThis is where it all began, a husband and wife with an immense love for the outdoors and their children. Phil and Darlene are the parents of Travis, Tom, Tana, and Trevor. Hunting and venturing around the mountains has always been a way of life for the entire family, even when the kids were very young. These two still work beside their children both in and out of them mountains to achieve their family goals. They enjoy taking the horses and mules out in the mountains to adventure and pack out big game. These outgoing parents are still found out hunting each season with their children. The family is so thankful to have such supportive and encouraging parents who instilled in them the very best values, strong family dedication, and a passion for the outdoors.

Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: Idaho
Occupation: Logger
Favorite Animals: Elk

timmy-fultonTimmy Fulton lives in Bonners Ferry, Idaho with his wife and children. When he isn't hauling logs he is in the outdoors, hunting and adventuring with his brother, dad, sons, friends and family. Timmy has been friends with Travis and his family for many years. He still remembers helping Travis and his family pack out Travis' first bull elk. Timmy is enjoying watching his son's grow and they are already tagging along with him hunting. Recently, Timmy and the family were fortunate to call in a pack of wolves and harvest one of them, he is eagerly trying for more.

Timmy's brother Rob Fulton, lives in Bonners Ferry also with his wife and children, and is an avid outdoorsman and hunter. He has recently become interested in long range shooting, and has been a success at it. Rob is excited for the upcoming elk season in North Idaho!

We are proud to have such great people be part of the SNTR team!

Age: 28
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: Idaho
Occupation: Contractor/Construction
Favorite Animals: Bear

caleb-keeneyCaleb is a North Idaho native, grew up in the woods, and has a great work ethic and dedication to his friends. Caleb met Travis years ago on a rugged work assignment in Alaska. Upon returning to the lower 48, he worked with Travis building homes, and is now currently working in Wyoming in the oil fields. Caleb accompanies the Schneider family out hunting regularily, helps with the horses and mules and is always willing to come help pack meat. In his spare time he enjoys snowmobiling, trapping, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, hiking, and hitting the gym. SNTR is proud to have him as a member of our team. The latest accomplishment for Caleb was drawing his once in a lifetime Idaho Moose tag in 2014...and filling it! He hunted long and hard and found a great moose and took him archery at close range!

Location: Pocatello, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: Idaho
Occupation: Lane Precision Rifels, owner, long range gun expert

dallas-laneDallas grew up in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, the hometown of SNTR. He and Travis have been long-time friends. Dallas and Travis have great memories of hunting and many an adventure. Dallas is married to Crystal and has two sons, Cohen and Fischer.

Dallas has always had a passion for hunting and rifles, and is fascinated with long range shooting. He began building his own long range custom guns about three years ago and now it keeps him busy more than full time. He is the owner and creator of Lane Precision Rifles and meticulously crafts custom rifles. Dallas has been able to accompany Travis to some Sportsman shows and talk rifles with many an interested hunter.

Check out his website at

Location: Layton, Utah
Favorite Hunting Location: Utah, Idaho
Occupation: Phelps Landscape, owner
Favorite Animals: Bear, Mule Deer

nick-phelpsNick is a long time friend of the Schneider family. He befriended the Schneider family while serving a mission in Idaho many years ago. He, Travis and Tom have had many great hunts together, from north Idaho spring bear to Utah mule deer. Nick resides in Layton, Utah with his beautiful wife, Kaitlyn and three sons, they are currently expecting a fourth son to arrive this spring! He owns and operates his own Landscape company and stays extremely busy, however finds time to hunt each year. Nick is also a passionate horn hunter! He harvested this beautiful light colored bear in Idaho just last year, and is eagerly looking forward to this spring bear season to come visit friends and family, and have a great hunt. Most recently, in 2014 Nick drew his Moose tag for Utah and filled it after much intense hunting!

Age: 25
Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Favorite Hunting Location: High Altitude Mountains
Occupation: Alaska Bush Pilot
Years Hunting: 13
Favorite Animals: ELK

adam-grendaAs the only boy in the Grenda family, Adam grew up hunting and fishing with his dad. From the time he watched his father harvest a buck at 3 years old, he was hooked. Adam has since harvested several deer, waterfowl, predators, and elk. Thriving on his adventurous outdoor passions, Adam began traveling to Alaska as a teenager to work as a fishing guide during the summers. In the meantime, he got hooked on flying and became a commercial pilot, eventually working his way up to the status of “bush pilot.” After an inconceivable journey of eight summers in the Alaskan wilderness, Adam still transports fisherman all over the Alaska Peninsula during the summer, and pursues big game and predators in the fall.

Take a North Idaho outdoor fanatic and throw in hunter, angler, guide, and bush pilot, and you have Adam. Adam flies cautiously careful, works hard, and hunts harder. He especially loves glassing for animals as part of the high mountain pursuit of game. He has since had a stellar 2014 hunting year, and looks forward to many more with the Schneider family. Adam recently took a knee on a beautiful North Idaho runway and asked the woman he loves, Tana Schneider to be his wife. They were married this December and started their life of adventure together. Adam is an awesome addition to the Schneider family.

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