Zak Knodel

Hometown: Columbia Falls, Montana


Born and raised in small town North Dakota outdoor opportunities were abundant, as a matter of fact the only time I wasn't outdoors was during school or basketball/football practice. Whitetails and predators gathered the majority of my attention and as soon as I was old enough to archery hunt, the rifle and shotgun were rarely fired. I always wanted to get close, after archery season I would hone my stalking skills on predators. Let me tell you what, getting close to coyotes and fox in the open country back home is not easy but it was addicting. It wasn't until I finished up my collegiate basketball career that my passion changed to backcountry hunting and a few years out of college I moved to Columbia Falls where i currently reside.

I am married to my best friend who lets me get away as much as I do and we have one daughter. I am a general contractor by trade when I can't have my bow in hand and also guide for Montana High Country Tours. I have filmed for Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV and have had a few hunts air with a different show prior to UOA TV. I also now work with Tahoe Films LTD. as a cameraman filming Eye Of The Hunter, Extreme Huntress and other productions, commercials and such. I am a self taught taxidermist as well.


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