Jason Wright

Jason Wright

Bismarck, ND

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Jason has spent his entire life living in Bismarck, North Dakota, educating himself about the great outdoors, and credits his dad, Jim Wright, for taking the time to teach/show him what the outdoors has to offer. With the help of other outdoor enthusiasts, quality outdoor magazines and countless hours of research afield he has become quite knowledgeable in the areas of hunting and fishing. Whether the topic is decoying wary Canada Geese in December or pitching 1/8-ounce jigs to shallow cold front walleyes in May; he is eager to share his knowledge with any outdoor enthusiast.  He also credits the various opportunities to work with and promote some of the industry leaders such as Toyota Motor Company, Scheels All Sports, Hoyt Bows, Lowrance Electronics, and many others who have helped him get to where he is today.

Jason also dedicates much of his time to being a 6th Grade Teacher with the Bismarck Public School District in North Dakota. As a teacher he grasps every opportunity to share his enthusiasm of the outdoors with many young people and to teach them the importance of conservation and game management. Teaching has also allowed him to spend his summers fishing tournaments; although, he has been successful throughout the years, he admits it’s the learning/commaraderei that takes place from pre-fishing to the actual tournament days that Jason feels is the most rewarding.

He also enjoys the time spent afield or afloat with his wife Carrie of twelve years and 5 year-old daughter who also enjoys the great outdoors.  They also have a new additoin to the family, Myah Ann (6 months), who is sure to become an outdoor enthusiast. “My wife is my greatest supporter and without her support and excitement of my outdoor achievements my adventures wouldn’t be as rewarding,” said Jason.  “Whether I am fishing a tournament, or just trying to outwit a prairie pronghorn, if my family isn’t supporting my endeavors then my head isn’t in the game.”

Jason’s expectations are to help those that are novices in the outdoors to grow and understand the wealth of benefits received while watching a young person catch his/her first fish or the feeling of growth as a true sportsman. He also enjoys learning from those that have been life long learners during their many years of hunting and fishing.

His enthusiastic promotions of the outdoors is easily recognized through speakinng engagements, outdoor magazine articles, and while just hanging out at the local archery complex, sport shows, and even during weekly shopping trips to Scheels All Sports.  And, you can often hear what Jason is up to each Friday at 5:35 PM on Dakota Prairie Outdoors Radio.

“During the past 7 years I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with two very close friends as well as many others who have helped to create countless memories of which most have been captured on video and will be shared/reminisced with friends and family for years to come.  And, a special thanks to all those people that I have encountered throughout my travels and experiences with Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV!”