Tyler Crocket

Tyler Crocket

Donnelly, ID


Born and raised on a ranch in Indian ValleyIdaho, I was brought up with an appreciation for the outdoors and God’s Creation.  I was introduced to hunting by my father and remember chasing deer and elk on the mountain as a little guy. Since then it has been a passion.

After graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in public relations, I hit the rodeo trail as a professional bull rider.  Since retiring from the bull riding arena, hunting has become my new source of adrenalin.  I put down the bull rope and picked up the bow.  Now, nothing gets my heart pumping like the bugle of a bull elk or matching wits with an old buck deep in the back country.

I look forward to share my knowledge and experiences with others, especially my two daughters and two sons as my dad did with me.

I am truly blessed and thankful that my wife supports me in my hunting adventures and shares with me a passion for the great outdoors.  My family and I currently live in the mile high country of Donnelly Idaho, where I am surrounded by the mountains that have become my livelihood.



Remedy 7 Antidote by Tyler Crocket

The R7 Antidote is the pack I grab for those run and gun hunts.  This pack is amazing in its capability to compress down for a run up the mountain day hunt to a four day backcountry hunt.  With 3000 cubic inches and a weight of just over 4lbs empty, this pack is the epitome of being able to go in light and come out heavy.   The toned down R7 Suspension is sturdy enough that it can handle an entire boned out deer or and equal weight of elk very comfortably.