Bow Slings

The Mathews 15:8 Standard Neoprene Bow Sling is a very sleak and light weight way of carrying your bow easily. It connects to most bows by using the velcro slip assembly that attaches to each limb. When not in use as a bow sling it can be detached from your bow and worn around your waist as a belt. This prevents you from laying it on the ground and leaving it behind.

Quickly attaches to any bow by using the velcro quick clip strap that wraps around any limb.

Quickly detaches from limbs and bow. Bow can be shot while remaining attached to bottom limb.

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Mathews Smart Pocket Sling 12:25


pocket sling copy

– Fits Any Compound Bow
– Detaches In Seconds For Quick Shots
– Duraflex Buckles
– 2 Detachable Accessory Pouches
– Can Be Worn As A Fanny Pack

Bow Sling Instructions

That’s right, its a bow sling that doubles as a waist belt or fanny pack. The Sling can be used to carry your bow over your shoulder or taken off the bow in seconds to wear as a fanny pack or gear belt. It’s perfect for spot and stalk hunts or sitting in a treestand. The accessory pockets have been designed to fit most compact rangefinders and can be taken off if not needed.

Our Bow Sling can be worn as an accessory belt or fanny pack because of its detachable design.

Most bow slings just carry your bow.
Our Bow Sling does way more than
just that. It detaches in seconds allowing you to
be ready to shoot quickly.

Accessory pouches fit most compact rangefinder designs.

Accessory Pouch Dim: 5”x4”x1.5”

Mathews Lost Camo pocket sling

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