GRIP Frame


We called it the “Grip” because we couldn’t find space to embroider “Freakin Incredible Internal Frame Pack”.

It’s a work horse! That’s just what we designed it to do and those that have used it for that purpose can tell you it can carry much more than your body can physically handle and do it much more comfortably than anything else. It’s about as simple as it gets, but functional, and that’s exactly why it works so well.

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– Unlimited Cubic Inches
– 4.5 lbs
– 1000D Cordura fabric construction
– R7-1 waist belt
– Adjustable butterfly harness
– Articulating Shoulder Straps
– Adjustable Sternum Strap
– Military grade hardware
– YKK zippers
– Meat shelf
– 2 compression wings
– Internal frame (2 vertical stays & 2 horizontal stays)
– Carry Handle


Knickknack hip sacks

Adjustable Butterfly Harness

There really is no excuse for an uncomfortable fitting pack. Our goal as a pack maker is to increase your level of comfort as much as possible while you carry any amount of weight. The only way to achieve this is by fitting the pack properly to your body. All of the Remedy 7 technical pack designs have an adjustable harness. The “Grip” frame has our adjustable butterfly harness. It allows you to secure the harness to the frame to the desired height. We all come in several different shapes and sizes and the “Grip” frame accommodates most of us with this unique feature. We offer a larger harness and waist belt for those of you that may not fit our supplied size. We recommend adding at least 30 pounds to your pack before making the proper adjustments to fit. This shifts the pack downward where it will be when you are packing larger amounts of weight.

How Does The Butterfly Harness And Articulating Shoulder Straps Work?
The butterfly harness fits perfectly to your scapula’s and distributes the weight across your entire upper back effectively. This prevents the pack from teetering from side to side and increases your balance. Balance is crucial when considering fatigue. The more balanced you are the less fatigued you will become over time. It’s just simple math, you’re using less muscle strength to balance yourself while walking in steep country with loose footing. This makes the pack feel lighter than it truly is. The articulating shoulder straps are a unique feature on all of our technical pack designs. Once again we understand that we might all be created equally, however we are definitely not all made the same. This means some of us have broader shoulders than others.  This design allows the shoulder straps to shift to fit any body style, broad or narrow. They are connected together behind the butterfly pad in the center of your core where all the weight should be focused.

Load Lifting & Load Shifting Straps
At the top of the frame you’ll find two 1” wide straps connecting the shoulder straps to the frame. These straps adjust to lift the weight of the load upward and relieve pressure from your shoulders and hips. You’ll find that they will perform the best when the pack is properly fitted and the angle of the straps is either straight back from the top of the shoulder strap or slightly angled upwards no more than 20 degrees. The waist belt of the “Grip” frame has a similar strap that attaches it to the frame and shifts the weight inward towards the hips. These straps should be loosened each time before putting the pack on and then readjusted.

What Packs Fit the “Grip” Frame?

We offer three pack bags that fit the “Grip” frame. The “Alternative”, “Solution”, and the “Answer”. Each of these bags are unique and cater to different styles of hunting. The “Grip” frame can be used by itself while packing loads or coupled together with any of the packs while hauling.

BUY NOW $250.00