New this year, a true Mountaineering pack designed with the purist in mind! This pack is all about function, from it’s fully adjustable suspension to it’s 6000 cubic inch capacity. The “Result” was born from our hunting roots, and is expected to be used in the harsh, unforgiving elements. Available in two different colors, you can use it for hunting or backcountry exploring . The “Result” will make you want to go further, stay longer and elevate yourself to a new level. Packed with all sorts of features, yet extremely easy to use. The “Result” pack is the one you’ve been looking for.


  • -Weight 5.9 lbs.
  • -6000 Cubic Inches
  • -500D Cordura & 420D Oxford Construction
  • -R7-2 Waist Belt
  • -Military Grade Buckles / YKK Zippers
  • -Exclusive BC adj. Butterfly Shoulder Harness
  • -Internal Frame – 2 Vertical Glass Stays
  • -Nine Pockets
  • -Detachable Lid
  • -Detachable Day Pack (800 ci)
  • -Draw String Weather Collar Top
  • -Includes Gun or Bow Boot
  • -Main Compartment Access in Front or Top
  • -External Optics Pockets
  • -Sleeping Bag Compartment
  • -H2o Compatible


Available in:

Buy Now: Tan/Ranger green Part#70315
Buy Now: Blue/Black  part# 70316


result_bob_ RESULT2

Uncomfortable packs are unacceptable
Getting a proper fit is crucial when looking for comfort in a pack. Our adjustable butterfly harness is simple to adjust by sliding the velcro tabs through the desired horizontal webbing rungs and then fastening the velcro back to itself.

Adjustable Butterfly Harness

We feel that any technical hunting pack should have a harness that will adjust to fit your torso length. Our butterfly harness is designed to adjust up and down to fit you perfectly for maximum comfort.

Reposition the harness downward as your load gets heavier. This will lift the pack higher on your back to prevent hip fatigue and shoulder strain. It also puts the load lifting straps in the proper position so they can work more efficiently.

The butterfly portion of the harness is designed to spread the weight across your scapulas evenly. This prevents the pack from teetering from side to side giving you better balance and posture.

Detachable External Pack
The “Result” was designed with the back country hiker in mind and that’s why we included the detachable external pack. It’s large enough to carry the items you may need to stay on the mountain for short periods of time while the rest of the pack stays at base camp or left behind while on a short hike. The pack includes one main compartment and water bladder compartment. The straps that secure it to the main pack fasten back to themselves creating shoulder straps. This item is perfect when you need to get down the hill fast, or you don’t want to pack the entire pack down the hill just to fill your bladder. The “Result” can be used with or without this pack.

Storage and Organization
Storage and organizing your gear while planning several day furloughs on the mountain is critical to a successful trip. The “Result” is packed with storage and organizational capabilities. The main compartment has two access points. These points include one vertical zipper on the face and a draw weather guard top. Either access points open large enough to gain access to the main compartment easily. The top of the pack includes a detachable lid. The lid is designed to move up and down as your load increases or decreases. It functions as a compression device and has plenty of storage space for items such as food, range finders, knives, and extra ammo that you may need to get to in a hurry. The bottom of the pack includes a separate compartment designed specifically for a sleeping bag. Inside you will find an internal sewn in stuff sack. This sack is there to compress your sleeping bag and protect it from zipper snagging. It also acts as a second layer of protection against puncturing and moisture. Your sleeping bag may just be the one item that saves your life, so take good care of it.

Optics Pockets
The “Result” is equipped with two Expandable external optics pockets, one on either side of the pack. When not in use these pockets can be zipped shut to lay flat against the side of the pack. When needed the pockets can be unzipped to expand. Expanding the pocket reveals a secondary internal zipper that gains access to the inside of the compartment. You can also gain access to the pocket through the top draw string weather collar. This allows you to insert longer items such as tripods or walking sticks that do not fit inside the pocket and let them stick out the top.

Carries a gun or a bow
Each one of our Remedy 7 packs share the gun/bow boot feature. It quickly attaches to the outside of the pack using two 3/4” buckles. It features another 3/4” strap and buckle to secure the limb of your bow in place. This strap can also be threaded between your gun stock and sling for added security. When not in use the boot can be detached and stored away inside one of the many pockets on the pack.


3 Ltr Hydration Pocket
The “Result” is equipped with an internal hydration pocket capable of excepting a 3 ltr bladder. The top of the pocket includes a webbing loop for tying your bladder off to keep it from sagging. Once the bladder is in place the hose can be threaded out of the main compartment and over either shoulder strap. Each shoulder strap includes a sleeve designed to except the hose of the system and keep it tucked out of the way.