Shed Heads

Shed Heads


 Bringing shed hunters of all ages and locations together to create the best place on the web to share shed hunting info and pictures. Moose, Elk, Deer, All WILD! Leave no tine behind!


Craig Bell – My passion for Shed Hunting stems from the day I saw my first antlered buck in the wild. My father took my younger brother and I on the trapline since I was the age of 4. We were heading out to check traps one early morning in late December 1988 when an 8 point buck chased three does out into the field in front of us. My eyes were fixed on the rack! I was mesmerized. I then decided, that very moment, the only thing in life I wanted was to feel those antlers in my hands! A deer hunter was born that day! I began hunting hard every year, and when I started harvesting bucks, one set of antlers a year didn’t even begin to feed my need for bone. My best friend Billy’s father, Gary, always had single antlers in his garage hanging on the rafters. He was the first person to explain to me, “Kid, those horns fall off every year, just go pick them up.” A shed Hunter was born! I found my first antler in 1993, while checking beaver traps, and 21 years later I have found 1000’s of antlers in 10 different states. They include Boone and Crockett size sets and singles that fit in your pocket as well as two point sides and spikes!


Mark Fuller – Being born and raised in Northern Minnesota, I’ve been exposed to hunting, fishing, trapping and the outdoors all of my life. I got started with my shed hunting obsession after finding a matched set with my dad while setting up a deer stand in Canada. It was a spindly set that had laid in the elements for a year and a half, but it was an absolute rush! Now, after 12 years or so, it’s my most dedicated pastime (after being a husband and father). The enjoyment of time in the outdoors with friends “treasure hunting” each spring and during hunting season is something I look forward to year round. Now, as I have more time, I enjoy the opportunity to get other people involved in this great sport. Finding freshies, white ones, dead heads or anything else while out and about is absolutely worth every minute and every dollar!

Broc Spears – With over 25 years of bowhunting whitetails, I spend my time pounding the hills in southeastern Ohio in search of sheds with my self-trained dog, Ivy. Together, we have put together many finds each year.

Mike Darby – I was born and raised in Idaho and I live to shed hunt! I have a wife and 4 kids that all enjoy the outdoors. I also have 2 shed dogs that I have trained myself. My saying is “Family first!”  There is nothing better then seeing your kid’s face when they pick up their first shed! We need to keep the outdoor tradition going, so remember to take your kids along.  It will be something they never forget!

Nick Campagna – I grew up in west-central Vermont, not far from the reaches of Lake Champlain. I spent most of my time as a kid fishing anything and everything, out of a boat and on hard water (ice). As i grew older, my passion for fishing became mainly focused toward trout and salmon, and I spent a lot more of my free time in the woods with my dad.  I began to grow and have a better understanding for the woods. At the age of 9 I began my hunting career by passing hunter education and, at the time, I never knew what kind of obsession it would unleash. With every minute I spent in the woods deer, turkey, and rabbit hunting with my dad, friends, and family I wanted to spend the same the next day, week and month…..I never wanted to leave the woods! I found my first shed while summer scouting a big woods deer hunting mountain in the northern Adirondack mountains of New York, and there would be others I would find throughout my younger days hunting in the big woods, tracking, stalking and still hunting miles from anything. What does a person do when there is no “season” to pursue game? Watch hunting videos? Read hunting books? Recollect on old stories and share with friends?…yes, yes, and yes, but it wasn’t  enough. So, I began spending my time searching for fallen treasures of the past year, hard at first, maybe a skull here and there or an old chewed up chunk at best, but then a shed! And another! And one day it changed for me, I went straight from deer to moose.  I love everything about big moose antlers! And, big as they are it should be no problem to find them just laying there in the woods, right? I wish it were that simple…..after 2 years of looking, I found my first. With a growing sport and a declining moose population the odds were against me. But at last, I was succesful. More and more sheds would ride home in my truck every year from the first year on and they would only get bigger. The “Pre-dog” days were a blast hiking with family and friends, but now with  my self trained chocolate lab named Ruger, there is no tine left behind…..

Dan Ewaskowitz – I was born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin. I grew up hunting and fishing. I didn’t get into shed hunting until I was 17 when a friend let me tag along for a walk looking for sheds after school. After finding four sheds in an hour, including a big set just off the road in the snow, I was hooked for life! Now, 12 years later, shed hunting is a huge part of my life, with a collection of over 3,600 personal finds. Traveling to Montana, Illinois and all over the midwest has become a huge part of my spring. Taking trail cam photos and finding sheds from the bucks I hunt has become much more important than harvesting an animal. Walking for sheds is a great scouting tool, and just a great way to stay in shape and spend some quality time in the outdoors!

Eric Stanosheck – I grew up hunting, fishing and shed hunting with my Dad and uncles. I found my first shed in Colorado 30 years ago and haven’t stopped since. I’ve found sheds in 12 states and Canada and average over 500 sheds each spring with over 700 miles hiked on my boots. My daughter and my 2 labs are my occasional shed buddies as well, but my Dad still does all the hardcore mountain shed hunting with me. Shed hunting is not only a passion and obsession for me but it supports my business,, where I use thousands of sheds annually to make one of a kind furniture and lighting for my growing list of clients. Each year I take first-time hunters and wounded warriors alike out to experience mother nature and the hunt. These are the memories that keeps me pushing forward each year!

Joe Haas – I was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin and have been hunting and shed hunting for over 18 years. I love being outdoors and walking miles looking for antlers allows me to just that. Since I live in Wisconsin, that’s where I do most of my shed hunting, but I usually get down to Iowa and Missouri as well. My wife and I have 3 small children and cannot wait to get them involved!