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Austin’s take on the Solution back pack

For a busy 2013 season of guiding, hunting, and packing I chose to use the Remedy 7 Solution pack by Blacks Creek Guide Gear. The pack was able to fit my guiding needs from day hunts in the desert for Coues’ Deer all the way up to backpack, week-long trips for Alaska Dall Sheep. Here…

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Dave Acosta, Arizona Desert Ram

Thx again for the pack, I’m definitely going to be using your products from here on out .I was amazed on how comfortable the solution felt with the ram’s head and cape in it plus all my additional equipment. I packed my ram out of the wilderness 2.5 miles and the solution made it a…

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Dusty Bourasa put’s the “CURE” lumbar pack to the test

How often do we find ourselves searching through the Magazines or forums reading articles and listening to others opinions on products that are new and improved?  We all have our likes and dislikes on items.  We depend on our fellow brothers and sisters in the outdoors to give us their feedback on products so we…

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Travis Long review of the Alternative pack

  The 2013 big game hunting season is all but in the bag, with all its ups and downs! One of the highlights of the 2013 hunting season for me wasn’t necessarily the tags placed on big game, which was great, but rather the new pack that I had the pleasure of using this season!…

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Pro-Staffer Dioni Amuchastegui and the Solution Backpack

The remedy 7 solution pack has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Over the course of my last hunting season I have become intimately familiar with this pack and truly believe it is one piece of gear that will outlast me in rough unforgiving country. This year I was fortunate enough to…

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Solution Backpack Detail by Marcus Flesher

I’m a critic of several things and packs are on the top of that list. I’ve hunted the west my entire life and have never been perfectly satisfied with just one design. I think it’s the old issue of wanting my cake and eating it too that ruins it for me. To be fair, I’m…

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