600 D Poly: When it comes to fabrics there is a never ending supply of choices to use. Some are very durrable while others are not. Its important to us to make sure that each product we build is made from the best possible fabric choice available. We use poly fabrics in our bow cases because of their light weight and sturdy nature. It holds up well to abraision and the color does not fade as fast as some other fabrics. The mariage between nylon webbing and poly fabrics when stitched together giving us very sturdy seems that hold together very well.

1000 D Cordura: Its no secret that Cordura is one of the most durable fabrics known to man kind. Its been around for ages and has always been the industry leader when building products that need to hold up to tough elements and weather. You’ll find that we choose to use it in our luggage line and pacsk where it is needed. Simply put “There is no substitute for Cordura”.

Canvas: Canvas is a great substitute when we are needing a very durable fabric yet retains its breathablility. Its been used for years in products that are still around today and is the perfect fabric choice when building things such as washable game bags and gear bags.


YKK Zippers: Zippers are truely one of the best ways to close any pockets or opening however, if they are not a YKK zipper the they will not last. We use only the best materials available and we refuse to cut corners by using any other brand of zipper than a YKK.

Duraflex Buckles: Using the best buckles around is just another example of how dedicated we are to building the best product on the market. Duraflex buckles are tough and easy to use. They hold up to abuse much better than the competition and their performance is outstanding.