BCGG Warranty:
Our warranty is simply, we guarantee all products against workmanship failure for the life of the product to its original owner.   Over time and use, zippers will fail.  The tabs break or separate, which causing the track to not stay securely closed.  This is not considered workmanship failure.  We charge $30 per hour for all non-warranty work. 

For warranty questions please fill out and submit the Request For Return Authorization Form below.  You will receive a reply with instructions on how to proceed with your item shorty after we receive your request. For any other questions please contact us at 208-455-1996.

Below is a check list you will need to do before returning product.

1.) Empty all your belongings out of packs and all bags before shipping back to us.

2.) Please clean your packs of all mud or blood before shipping back to us or you may be charged a $45.00 cleaning fee prior to warranty work being started.

3.) You will be issued a Return Authorization number. Please Write this number clearly on the outside of the box before shipping.

4.) Write us a note explaining what the issues are with your item and make sure to include your return address and phone numbers and then drop it in the box.

5.) Marking problem areas on the product will help us understand where to look for the problem. This can speed the process up and possibly save us a phone call to you for further explanation. You can do this by using tape or safety pins.