Experience an all-new level of ergonomic agility on the mountain.
From the trophy-hauling prowess of the GRIP frame, to the ultra-flexibility found in each of our hunting packs - get out, and get back faster, stronger and more prepared than ever before.

Blacks Creek offers wilderness-proven packs and hunting gear focused on leading the industry in lasting comfort and quality. Each member of our high-performance line of packs and gear is meant to improve and complement the outdoor adventure. Blacks Creek products are made in the USA and tested rigorously, both at the factory, in the field by our family of pro staff, and in all conditions by our loyal customers. We are known for our unflinching drive for quality and performance out of each product we make. There are no after-thought products in our lineup - simply the best products we can conceive and bring to the outdoor adventurer who demands the best out of their gear.

Gripping Technology

We think of your hunt when we hunt for the strongest, lightest and most durable materials.

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Pack Like You Mean It

Pack in what you need, and haul out more than ever before with our innovative pack systems.

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Getting it Done!

Watch this full review of the Alternative pack with the GRIP Frame, as it takes on a dandy bull elk during the 2016 Idaho rifle season.

GRIP Frame Technology

Watch as Blacks Creek Pro Staffer,
DR Bledsoe, uses The GRIP Frame to pack out
half of his 3-point buck, the "Solution" pack,
and all of his gear in one load!

The GRIP Frame is ideal for maximizing your trips and ensuring that you have optimal comfort and stability along your trek.

Blacks Creek Embroidery Services

Let our decades of experience bring just the right touch to your gear, swag or promotional items. Blacks Creek offers premium embroidery services with the ability to produce from 6 to over 5,000 pieces customized to your needs.

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