Unflinching Drive
for Quality

No Blacks Creek product is an afterthought.
Every product goes through rigorous materials selection,
design, manufacturing, and testing.

The Highest Quality

We use only the highest quality materials to make each and every part of our gear — each material has to have a proven track record of reliability and quality before it makes its way into any of our products.

The Most Durable

The wilderness isn't going to be forgiving,so our gear has to be up for the challenge. Over two decades manufacturing experience, plus rigorous testing by our pro staff, ensures that each product is Blacks Creek worthy.

The Best Comfort

Our gear is designed to haul heavy, pack full, and bring back trophies. Our ergonomic designs give the assurance that your pack won't add strain to your hunt. Save your back, and let the pack do the work.

The Technology

Innovative technology like the GRIP Frame is the reason why so many serious hunters make Blacks Creek gear their go-to gear.
The GRIP Frame can be part of a hybrid hunt system that allows you take what you need on your hunt without worrying about the trip back.
The GRIP Frame can pack in as an independent piece of equipment or can be used with the Answer, Alternative or Solution packs - then, pack out with all of your gear and use the GRIP frame to secure your kill. A single solution for a multitude of challenges.

Learn more about the GRIP Frame

1000D Cordura®


Cordura is one of the most durable fabrics known to man. It has always been the industry leader when building products that need to hold up to tough elements and weather. We choose to use it in our packs and luggage line where it is needed. Simply put, there is no substitute for Cordura.



Using the best buckles around is just another example of how dedicated we are to building the best product on the market. Duraflex buckles are tough and easy to use. They hold up to abuse much better than the competition and their performance is outstanding.

Premium Webbing


We used the highest quality, mil spec webbing wherever possible. The ensures the long life and reliability of our packs under weight and stress. The marriage between nylon webbing and poly fabrics, when stitched together, offers very sturdy seams that hold fast.

YKK® Zippers


Zippers are truly one of the best ways to close any pockets or opening. However, if they are not a YKK zipper then they will not last - YKK is changing the way fastening is done. We use only the best materials available and we refuse to cut corners by using any other brand of zipper than a YKK.

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