Thank you for taking the time to apply with Blacks Creek Guide Gear!
Please note: All individuals applying to be Blacks Creek Pro Staff begin as a member of the Blacks Creek Field Staff and will be required to fulfill certain goals prior to being considered for a slot as a Blacks Creek Pro Staff member.

There are many attributes that define a great member of our Pro Staff. Shooting and/or hunting excellence are fundamental to the skill set of these individuals.
But, just as important to us as the hunter's skills, are the characteristics that make them a decent person - we look for individuals who are honest, have integrity, and have shown to master and uphold the hunting laws and guidelines to which they are subject.

Participation is also key. There is an expectation placed upon Blacks Creek Pro Staff to contribute time and talents to promote and support Blacks Creek - both in the field and at events when possible.

The Blacks Creek Pro Staff represent all of the products within the Blacks Creek brand - whether they personally use those products or not. It is important that Pro Staff remain supportive of the brand and make effort to extend the brand through their personal communications, usage of the products, and when possible through their messaging and communication on social media and other communication mediums.

Eligibility as a Pro Staff member is limited, and is awarded exclusively to the individual based on their merits and efforts in support the Blacks Creek brand and its products on the time frame  and at the discretion of the Blacks Creek ownership and management. Maintaining Pro Staff status is dependent upon the individuals continuing support and promotion of the brand. Pro Staff who lapse in their support may be released as Pro Staff at the sole discretion of the Black Creek ownership and management. We accept applications throughout the year, and review/award Field Staff slots on a regular basis.

The following application is required to apply for the Blacks Creek Pro Staff. This form must be filled out in its entirety to be considered for a Pro Staff position.
Please submit this application, and include your hunting biography in the space included at the end of the application. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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