Dusty Bourasa put’s the “CURE” lumbar pack to the test


How often do we find ourselves searching through the Magazines or forums reading articles and listening to others opinions on products that are new and improved?  We all have our likes and dislikes on items.  We depend on our fellow brothers and sisters in the outdoors to give us their feedback on products so we can make a choice on what item will be best suited for your type of ventures.
My name is Dusty Bourasa and I have been a Pro-Staffer for Blacks Creek for quite some time.  I have had the opportunity to be involved in a lot of the products that have been born from this great company.  We as staffers put in our ideas to make the best products that we can and keep the products that we make on the cutting edge.  We are an American made product and proud of it.
This year I was asked to try out one of the new packs that came out for the 2013 product line up.  This new pack is called the “Cure”.  This sweet little gem is a fanny style pack that offers 1200 cubic inches of storage in the main compartment and 9 smaller storage components that can be used for storing any kind of knick knacks that you choose.  This product also features to side pockets that can be used for water containers or just whatever you decide to put in them.  The “Cure” features a R7-2 waist belt with a full lower lumbar support and a shoulder harness.  Now this sounds like most fanny style packs on the market right?  Wrong!  We at Blacks Creek have gone one step farther.  We have added a meat shelf to this fanny pack.  Yes, you have read this correctly, a meat shelf.
I am one that would prefer to use a day/fanny style pack above all others.  They are simple, small, and when it is hot out, you do not have as much surface area covering your torso.  I sweat like a canary at a cat convention so that is why I choose this style of pack.  But like a lot of you out there in the hunting world, you have to take another pack with you just in case you harvest an animal.  How many times have we wished that we had our frame with us in the field to save one trip off of the mountain?  I know that I have thought of ways to carry out a load on my older style fanny packs.  I used the bow/rifle pocket to support the leg bones of a quarter and then the strap on top to secure the heavy end.  Just to save that one extra trip. Talk about rough on a guy.
No more do I have to worry about this problem.  I used this pack to its fullest capability that it was designed for and even more.  I did my normal early season archery for mule deer and shanked a dandy 185 4×4 muley in full velvet and also was blessed to kill a small bull elk.  The pack fit like a great pair of Armani shoes and its features were stellar.  But the best test was when I packed my bull out.   It took me five trips to get my bull out of the abyss that I had killed him in.  Sure, I could have made my loads heavier but why burn your body up.  I also could have made the 3 mile hike back to the rig and get my “Solution” with a grip frame but I chose to use this pack and really put it to the test.  I removed the main compartment by simply unzipping the zippers on either side of the pack and detached two buckles.  This will expose the interior meat shelf that we have designed in the pack.  Simply undo the four small buckles and lay the load supports to each side.  This fabric is made of 1000D Cordura and is stitched into the frame itself.  The lower meat shelf made of the same material will lie facing you.  Simply put your load of choice on the frame.  Then take the two side wings and buckle them together and tighten them with your load adjustment straps.  Then take the lower wing of the pack and simply attach the buckles at the top and use your load straps to tighten.  Every load that I packed that day felt good on my back.  No hip fatigue or sourness to my shoulders.  Even on the last load of loose meat and the head, it wore like a glove.
I did tell you that I put it to the test on the elk hunt but I even went one step farther.  I was fortunate enough to do a Rocky Mountain Goat hunt with a couple of buddies.  We hiked into the mountains about 12 miles round trip every day.   On the second day of our hunt towards the afternoon we found 2 very large Billies bedded in an alpine basin.  After a short stalk and final judgment, we had a 52 and 1/8 inch Billy on the ground.  One of my buddies used my “Solution” and I used my “Cure”.  He packed a front and hind quarter and my friend Ed packed the other.  I packed the loose meat and the full head and hide of this majestic beast.  I did not take a weight of this pack but I am going to say that it was in the 70 pound range.  Now this pack is not designed for heavy loads, but if it was going to fail (broken buckles or other connectors) it would have done it on this trip.  I have news for you folks, it handled that trip flawlessly.

So now that Christmas is just around the corner and you are looking for that perfect gift, come check out the New “Cure” from Blacks Creek.
Whether you hunt from a tree or the ground, this pack will meet every requirement that you will need in the field.
Thank you for taking the time to read this review.  I have used this pack and guarantee you will love it
American Made and American Strong!

Dusty Bourasa, Oregon

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  1. beentherebefore on November 30, 2013 at 8:03 am

    I also like the concept of the lumbar pack in lieu of a backpack. How can the CURE pack be rigged for tent, sleeping gear, cook kit, etc. for a week-long trip?
    A video would be great to illustrate your story and response to my question. It’s hard to visualize your explanation w/o having the CURE in my hands.

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