Light Weight Backpack – The R7 “Antidote” by Blacks Creek

As the first day of fall rapidly approaches, our efforts to complete our new USA made pack line is still in full swing. Pro-Staffer Tyler Crockett recently had a chance to take the latest Prototype pack out for a four day spin on the mountain. We will leave the details of his findings up to him to describe in a later blog, however we thought you might appreciate a sneak peak at our latest creation.

Over the last few years, the demand for lighter weight packs has become much more prevalent. We have done our best to provide a very light weight option with our latest design. We are calling this pack the “Antidote”. The Prototype weighs in at a mere 4 lbs 12 oz and has a 3000 total cubic inch storage capacity. Unlike some other pack manufacturers we did not cut corners on quality or space to lighten the “Antidote”. Its 1,000 Denier Cordura construction is standard among the R7 line of packs that we offer. We use it because it’s just DANG TOUGH and there just isn’t any other fabric that compares. While the “Antidote” may not be rated to carry as much weight as the “Grip” frame, it can still carry a sufficient payload comfortably. Its been designed to stay LEAN and MEAN for comfortable day hunts or multiple day adventures on the mountain were the average hunter will be hauling anywhere from 25 to 50 lbs of gear.

Just like all the R7 packs in the Blacks Creek line, the “Antidote” features the Butterfly adjustable harness so it will fit a large variety of body types. It has 11 total pockets, one of which is an optics pocket located on the back of the pack. This pocket is large enough to carry most of the larger spotters available today. The main body of the pack is roughly 2,000 cubic inches and we obtain 3,000 by adding the space within the optics pocket, lid and upward expansion of the top of the pack. The “Antidote” hunts like a 2,500 cubic inch pack and is easy to compress when the total storage space is not in use. There are 3 entry points to the main compartment, one from the top under the lid and one on either side of the pack. It features plenty of compression straps for stabilization and can haul a bow or a gun.

This was just a sneak peak at the up and coming light weight “Antidote”. Release of this new pack is slated for late winter 2012. Stay tuned for Tyler Crockett’s performance review.

Written by
Marcus Flesher


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