• Bow / gun boot


The side compression wings along with the lower shelf system allows you to quickly load and secure freight.  The nylon compression straps, (3 vertical,
2 horizontal) keep the load secure and tight, eliminating load shifting.
The Butterfly harness distributes the weight across your shoulder blades and the shoulder straps are designed to move with your body, eliminating fatigue.  The perfectly placed load lifters do exactly what they are supposed to do, transfer your load from your shoulders to your hips and back.  They are easy to adjust while walking, allowing you to keep your muscles as loose as possible.  The “Grip Frame” can be used as an independent piece of equipment or can be used with the Answer, Alternative or Solution packs.  Buy one or buy all three and simply swap out with the “Grip” frame to compliment any
hunting adventure.

Alternative Pack

$265 (bag only) / $550 (pack w/ GRIP frame)

This pack is compatible with The GRIP Frame

Based on the popular Antidote pack design, the Alternative offers an added level of pack-out power. Where the Antidote pack has its own independent suspension, the Alternative is connected to the GRIP frame.
This is why we call it the Alternative.


  • 3,000 cubic inches
  • 7 lbs
  • 1000D Cordura and/or 3 layer Tricot fabric construction
  • Military grade hardware
  • YKK zippers
  • 9 organizational pockets
  • External optics pocket
  • Detachable lid
  • Access main compartment from top & both sides
  • 6 compression straps
  • Draw string weather collar top

Watch, as Beau and Cody Cannon, Blacks Creek Pro Staffers, review the features of the Solution and Alternative packs.

Watch as DR Bledsoe, pro staff for Blacks Creek Guide Gear and owner of Seven Devils Lodge - Guest Ranch & Guide Service, puts the Alternative pack by Blacks Creek through its paces while packing out a bull elk during the 2016 rifle season in Idaho. He offers an in-depth review of the Alternative pack and its many features that are ideal when packing out big game.


The Alternative attaches to the Grip frame. The bag attaches to the frame by using two large toothed zippers on either side of the pack. Once the bag is removed, the frame can then be used separately to haul loads or coupled together with the Alternative bag by using the six buckles provided to fasten the bag around the load on the Grip frame.

See GRIP Frame For More Details

The lids main function is storage. It has one main compartment on top and one flat pocket underneath. It has plenty of room to store lunch for the day or bulky items such as range finder’s, radio’s, knives or saws. The lids other functions are vertical compression and protection against weather. It moves up and down with the top weather collar on the pack as your load increases or decreases.

Each pack needs a way of lashing items to the outside of it. The Alternative has 2 side compression straps on either side of the pack for strapping down items such as tripods, shooting sticks, or walking sticks.
At the bottom of the side you’ll find a sleeve designed to catch the bottom of these items to reassure they do not fall down.

There are three ways to gain access to the main compartment. The traditional way is through the weather guard collar located on the top of the pack. The second and third are located on each side. The vertical zipper opens the side of the pack from top to bottom giving you a large enough opening to gain access to your gear easily. We designed these side access points for simple reasons that mean a lot when you’re in the field. The vertical zippers are straight. Straight zippers function better than zippers that have angles or arches. With the straight zipper design, the slider can glide open and closed with ease. With two access points on either side of the pack you can gain entry to the main compartment while carrying your weapon on the pack. Because the zipper travels from top to bottom your gear on the bottom is never hard to reach.

The optics pocket is located directly in the center on the face of the pack. This keeps the load balanced. It’s large enough to accept most spotting scope designs available today. Inside the main compartment are two more flat zipper pockets for other loose gear. On the outside of this pocket there are two flat pockets located on either side, these are great for quick access to small items like scents and calls.

The Alternative includes the gun/bow boot feature.
It quickly attaches to the outside of the pack using two 3/4” buckles. It features another 3/4” strap and buckle to secure the limb of your bow in place. This strap can also be threaded between your gun stock and sling for added security. When not in use the boot can be detached and stored away inside one of the many pockets on the pack.

The Alternative is equipped with an internal hydration pocket capable of accepting a 3 ltr bladder. The top of the pocket includes a webbing loop for tying your bladder off to keep it from sagging.

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