Mario has the “Answer”

What a great fall it has been so far. I’m such a lucky guy to have the opportunity to work in the outdoors year round filming and guiding.  This fall I have driven 8,500 miles, flown over 10,000 and hiked over 320 miles.  Those numbers have already exceeded last years numbers and I still have solid work through February. I’m surprised that I even have a wife still.  The hiking will slow down for awhile now that I’m hunting Whitetails in Kansas unless I get time to take my dog bird hunting. I’m very rough on my equipment and myself for that matter. Every year there are very few pieces of equipment that actually last the entire season without me breaking something on them. Each January Blacks Creek releases  new gear and I’m always more exited than a kid at Christmas to see them and use them in the field.
This year they released the Remedy 7 series and from the new line I have used the “Grip” frame, the “Solution” bag and the “Answer” bag. So far through my fall I have found the Grip frame and Answer bag to be my favorite combo. This setup is very universal. First off in September I used it for 3 day bivy hunts during elk season.

I was able to put my sleeping bag and pad in my Grip frame and attach  the Answer full of food, water and supplies. Mind you the Answer bag is only around 2000 cubic inches. This was a great setup because I was able to hunt with a light pack on my back all day long and camped wherever I ended up. The best part was the whole time I was hunting I knew if I got a bull down I would be able to take out a big load of meat and my camp the first load down the mountain. The Grip frame is so strong that you can easily load it with as much weight as you can carry.

After Elk season I used the Answer setup while guiding. Once again I was able to carry all my clients water and food for day hunts and was able to pack out their deer boned out in my Grip suspension when they tagged out. Some days I would even walk out to the truck and attach a cooler to my “Grip” and take my clients cold refreshments. The last few days I have been wearing it to my tree stand loaded with supplies for the day. It hangs well in my stand and I love how the zippers zip down length wise on the front of the bag. This allows me to hang my bag on the tree and access my entire big compartment with one zipper.

I would highly recommend this pack to any hunter out there. It is a very durable system with great straps for tightening down loads. It also has great pockets for organization. This setup is not just for hunters that want to carry a lot of gear. It’s for hunters that hunt from the mountains to the valleys because it is so universal. They are also American made and owned, the perfect fit for every true American!! Good luck this fall and stay tuned for the latest products from Blacks Creek.

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