Beau Cannon

Hometown: Caldwell, Idaho


Like most of us I was young when introduced to the ways of the outdoors. I fell in love with the country Dad showed my brothers and I, and still strive to get back there as much as possible. I was able to be part of many successful rifle hunts growing up and a close friend would help progress my passion into archery . I’m a true believer that average inputs yield average results. I take priority in fitness and anything that helps to better my ability as a bow hunter. I’m partial to high country mule deer and have big hopes on some success in the elk back country. When I don’t have a tag in hand, I’m sure to be beating up the Idaho hill sides chasing sheds or behind a spotting scope scouting for the up and coming season. My brother and I are focused on back country this year and with a bit of luck, Wyoming back country. My family has always been avidly into the outdoors and also enjoy, camping, fishing, and hunting. My girlfriend Amber is a new archer and tends to have the luck when it comes to finding the big sheds! Its as rewarding to come out with a heavy pack from my friends and families harvest, as it is my own. I look forward to many more great memories and taking Blacks Creek along on every mission!

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