Dusty Bourasa

Hometown: Ontario, Oregon


I am a resident of the great state of Oregon and work full time as a Correctional Officer for one of their many state prisons. My three passions in life are God, family and huntin’ critters.

My passion for the outdoors and hunting originated at an early age when I had the opportunity to accompany my mother and father on pack trips into the back country. My father, now passed (God rest his soul) taught me most of what I know about the outdoors, the rest I have had to learn through blood sweat and tears. I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt in some of the most beautiful places this continent has to offer, including Canada, Alaska and most of the western United States. The past ten years has awarded me the opportunity to guide hunters for Big game and Small game in my spare time. As well as guiding others on hunts, I have harvested some beautiful trophies of my own. All of this madness I have for the thrill of hunting is fully supported by my loving wife Billie Jo, daughter Bo, son Sam, and our newest edition, Jacob. Without the support of my family I could have not of fulfilled the dreams I had as a child.

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